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Photos 2,3,4: Erika Rath; Photo 5: Doug Fisher
Photos:7,8: Alison Hancock
Photo: 9: Phil Brown

At P & H Farms the 2013 summer season has begun, with new varieties of heirloom vegetables being tried for the first time, in addition to our usual 20+ types of tomatoes in production since 2009.  By the time you read this, the gardens will have been fully planted.  It has, however, been a late season start, and in early June the tender transplants are just being set out.  The last of the trimming of our perennial crops, nut and fruit trees, has been completed, and the weeding phase has begun. 

Starting with about 6 acres of tomatoes, in 2010, by the summer season of 2013 P & H Farms has shifted its vegetable garden to prime locations within about 15 acres.  It is continuing to benefit from its own seed stock from previous years as well as from newly procured organic seed. Steadily experimenting with the use of black mulch in some rows, to reduce weed-growth over the summer months, the plantings for the 2013 season have been reduced in spread, while still comprising 400-foot rows of at least 100 different varieties of vegetables and melons.


Harvest expectations for 2012 were largely met despite a very dry month of August. The season brought abundant quantities of beans and peas, beets, cabbage and carrots, lettuces and spinach, cucumbers, onions, radishes, summer and winter squash, turnips, and 14 varieties of tomatoes.
P & H Farms is now fully into its production season of 2013, with vegetables, fruits and nuts. This year’s challenges are already numerous for a number of weather-related reasons.  The main goal is, as usual, to include a wide range of healthy, delicious products in P & H Farms’ offerings at Farmers’ Markets and other sales venues, without extensive intervention in terms of weeding and watering over the course of the summer months. Preservation of heirloom varieties is still high on the list of priorities, as the choice of varieties planted reflects.

Looking forward, distribution of vegetable growing over different areas of the 200 acres is being implemented, tailored use of mulch and perhaps even drip (in addition to jet spray) irrigation will be contemplated, all in an effort to give greater seed strength and diversity for all crops in the years to come. P & H Farms is also looking ahead to more modes of organic processing for storability. (Pictures of the fruits of the 2012 season are to be found in the video and photo album.)

For those interested in learning more about the different varieties grown this past year, please visit the Products Page and/or contact us.

Any ideas or requests for vegetables you might like to have P & H Farms grow in 2013 would be most welcome!

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